Our Tanzanian Tea Journey

In 2021 we decided that we wanted to travel and learn about the world and it's tea. So we left our beloved city of South Los Angeles, CA and made our maiden voyage. Our first stop was East Africa in the gignatic country of Tanzania. Tanzania is known for its animals, safaris, agriculture and its tea. Most peopele associate historical tea culture with Europe or Asia, but Africa has some of the oldest tea culture in the world and we want to learn all about it.

In the foothils of Mt. Kilmanjaro, some of the most aromatic and potent black tea is grown. Moringa, lemongrass and Rosella (Hibiscus) are aslo some of Tanzanias favorites. As advid tea drinkers we wanted to learn about this amazing tea history with the hope of partnering with one of the tea farms and exporting some of this amazing tea globally. In the next year or two we hope to be able to do just that.

Stay Tuned!